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The WE3 SmartTalk at the WE3 Summit serves as a platform where global industry thought leaders come together to share their insights, ideas, and expertise. With a focus on technology, sustainability, and innovation, listen to these influential voices as they inspire us to act and share some real-life examples sparking a collective inclination to creating a sustainable and prosperous future.

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WE3 SmartTalk Series

Future of E mobility

ESG Goals Across Utilities and Businesses

How AI will shake up Utility Customer Programs

What’s New for E-Mobility and Smart Homes

Transforming Customer-Centric Utility Technologies

Customer Centric Utility Innovation​

Less talk, More Action on Clean Energy & Sustainability​

Disrupting the UK Contestable Water Market​

National Climate Bank Act Promise​

Citizen Connection & The Need for a Utility Concierge Model​

Iconic Canals & Climate Change​

Hawaii's Cutting-Edge Climate-Tech Regulations​

E-mobility Economy Expanding Utility Role​

Revolutionizing Water Systems​

Open Source Energy: Accelerating Cleantech Adoption​

Unlocking the value of Global Electricity Diplomacy​

Charging Smart – Avoiding The Worst Case Scenario​

India’s Leading Innovator on Modern Grid Resilience​

Digital Transformation in Energy & Utilities – Customer Experience & Business Experience​

Regulatory Commissions’ Priorities in Utility Data Regulation​

Role of Data in the Shifting Economics of Innovative Energy Markets?​

Stanford’s Sustainable “Smart Campus” – What Utilities & Cities Can Learn​

New Opportunities for Sustainable Communities​

The Promising Era of Digital Transformation for Utilities​

Climate Ready Grid Now, but How?​

The Evolution of Customer Innovation​

Clean-Tech Digitization: Optimizing the Customer Experience​


Featured Speakers

WE3 SmartTalk Powered by SEW 

Brian Bentz

President and CEO

Alectra Utilities

Paul Lau



Deepak Garg

CEO & Founder


James Douglas

EVP, Customer Experience

Alectra Utilities

Sage McLaughlin

Sustainability & Energy Advisory Expert

Liberty Utilities

Seyi Fabode


Cleantech Innovation, RWE

Michael O'Donnell

Chief Revenue Officer

SAP North America

Neil Pendle

Managing Director


Rebecca Sterling Hughes

Leading community and stakeholder engagement

New York's Canals

Lawrence E. Jones

Vice President, International Programs

Edison Electric Institute

Linda Mattes

Former Vice President Customer Operations

Alliant Energy

Karl Popham

Mobility+Energy, Chair

EV Leadership Council

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