The WE3 Summit brings together leaders in global water and energy innovation to engage, educate, and empower attendees on strategy, regulation, and transformation in the water-energy nexus. Armed with the knowledge, connections, and motivations from the conference, industry professionals should be more empowered to drive the necessary changes to address the global climate change and drinking water challenges that will define the coming decades.

Global Thought Leaders

Jigar Shah

Director, Loan Programs
Office at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Gerardo Delgado

Energy & Water Regulation Attorney
Quarles & Brady LLP

Karla Nemeth

California Department of Water Resources

Linda Mattes

VP – Customer Operations and Supply Chain Management
Alliant Energy

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What will you get out of this summit?

Honest discussion about challenges and strategies

WE3 addresses the biggest issues facing the next of water and energy. We take pride in curating content and selecting speakers that challenge the undustry to transcend the status quo and build a better future.

Speaker Quality

Unlike other events that cram as many people and as much content in as possible, we purposefully cultivate an intimate setting with knowledgeable experts that share our values.

The opportunity to connect with global leaders

Whether it's through our premiere executive networking opportunities, or regular breaks designed for connection, we're committed to building an intersectional community of talented, devoted people.

Get Involved

WE3 isn't just an event; it's an immersive energy experience that brings together thought leaders from across the industry and globe.

WE3 Highlights

The Water Energy Nexus - Solving a Global Challenge

International security in the 21st will require governmental, military, and business leaders to address access and sustainability challenges to water and energy networks. The U.S. military has been on the front lines of this effort, and this talk will explore potential challenges and solutions.

  • Ravi Sajawan, CEO, Renew Group, Founder
  • Eric Olson, Admiral (Retired), United States Navy
  • Harman Sandhu, President, Smart Energy Water
  • [Moderator] Chris Moyer, Sr. Director of Research and Content, Zpryme

New Opportunities for Sustainable Communities

SMUD Board President, Nancy Bui-Thompson discusses fostering the relationship between communities and utilities and how they can serve to empower communities while also empowering utilities.

  • [Moderator] Darren Brady, Chief Customer Officer, SEW
  • Nancy Bui-Thompson, SMUD Board President, SMUD