Through a series of conversations, presentations, and demonstrations, WE3 highlights the challenges facing the water-energy nexus to bring about revolutionary solutions. WE3 is the focal point of a movement dedicated to using technology to modernize business models, reshape policy, and ignite a spirit of innovation. Experience a unique day dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering people to realize the water-energy transformation.

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Previous Thought Leaders

Alen Orchard

General Manager & CEO

Denise Kruger

Senior Vice President
Golden State Water Company

Eric Olson

United States Navy
Admiral (Retired)

Jon Wellinghoff

CEO & Founder
Grid Policy INC.

Karla Nemeth

California Department of Water Resources

Manoj Bhargava

Living Essentials

Nancy Bui-Thompson

Member, SMUD Board of Directors

Nina Hawk

Santa Clara Valley Water District
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WE3 2020: Together WEGlobal Challenges People-Centric Solutions

Tackling the biggest challenges in modernizing global water and energy systems requires a collective response. Only together can we focus on creating a resilient and environmentally sustainable future that puts people first. The WE3 Summit will focus on the creation of this response. Educating, engaging, and empowering the provision of financial resources and a new technology framework is the ethos of this event. How can digital innovation be the catalyst that galvanizes the world into action and ensures that the global community has reliable access to clean water and energy? The WE3 Summit will focus on the creation of this response.

Join us September 9th and 10th at WE3 2020 for a series of conversations, presentations, and demonstrations on the most important solutions to overcome the challenges facing the energy industry.

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