The WE3 Summit connects global thought leaders who are embracing change and putting a dent in our water-energy future by focusing on the intersection of sustainable transformation, investment, technology, and regulation.

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Imagine connecting with a group of exceptional leaders that, like you, want to foster economic recovery, develop their business, and make a dent in our global water-energy future.

WE3 Highlights

Water Wars

Clean freshwater is essential for human life and healthy communities; however, more than 1 billion people lack access to water, and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages. Without urgent action, this water insecurity can cause mass migration that could destabilize regions, exacerbate internal and international conflicts, and even lead to wars. Admiral Eric Olson (retired) and Dr. Carolyn Kissane discuss how government and business leaders can meet the urgent challenges related to water security and work towards a more sustainable planet.

  • Carolyn Kissane, Academic Director, NYU Center for Global Affairs
  • Eric Olson, Admiral (Retired), US Navy
  • Chris Moyer, Industry Principal, Zpryme [Moderator]

Climate Ready Grid Now, but How?

The sheer fragility of our infrastructure amidst severe weather events struck the nation last month. How do we see through the overwhelming complexity of what utilities need to do now to create a resilient, secure grid? Dr. Andrea Ruotolo, the Sr Director of Grid Modernization and Innovation at Liberty Utilities will dive into what actions she is prioritizing now.

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